Product Description

Uses cleansing, bathing, makeup remover, shaving Main and also can used as a facial mask. Handmade soap with cold press. Lightening , moisturizing, anti-virus & antibiotic, Removed nagetic energy

Whitening skin, fine pores, moisturizing, improve acne skin 

Kaffir lime & Kaffir Leave .Whitening skin, fine pores, moisturizing, Extra vco (lauric acid), extra voo (linolenic acid), sodium Hydroxide , neem oil, essential oil & Vits C.E

Fragrant type

Place of Origin

Shelf Life
2 years

70g±5 to 90g±5

Why handmade soap?

Manufactured soap bars can actually harm the skin. Store bought soaps contain not only harmful chemicals and preservatives but also some of the same ingredients found in detergents! They strip the skin of its natural oils and further irritate it. Organic Soap Making contains proven steps and strategies in making high quality organic soaps that can help clean your body and maintain a soft and youthful looking skin. Handmade soaps offer a lot of benefits in just a single bar. They can exfoliate, revitalize, hydrate and moisturize the skin at the same time. Aside from that they have an aromatic scent that smells natural, light and sweet!

What is cold process handmade soap?

Cold process Handmade soap is a cleaning and care product that replaces chemical products. And is made from 100% natural materials. Material is very mild and natural nutrients to the skin of natural oils, use the European traditional handmade craft, method of low temperature used more preserved the saponification reaction of glycerol in the composition, with delicate water ( pure water, deionized water, distilled water) +caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, namely Haiyan chor-alkali industry obtain) + the method of natural vegetable oil, after saponification reaction, and then by natural condensation products.

What are the benefits of using cold process handmake soap?

Natural material, no additives, no artificial colors , artificial flavors, preservatives, long-term use will not harm the skin, can be used by pregnant women and children.
Handmade at low temperature, it retains the nutrients of raw materials to the maximum extent, and take care of your skin, which is safe, moist and healthy.
Low temperature cold soap can deeply clean and naturally moisturize the skin.  After use, the skin will not be tight, regulate the problem skin and repair the damaged skin.
Compared with cleansing products in he market, the price of handmade soap is more favorable, economical and practical.